2022 Holiday Postcards from Testudo

Just in time for the holidays comes the first ever Testudo postcard set. This premium gift set features 10 artworks from artists who have partnered with us in our first year of operation. The group represents some of the earliest artists to believe in our vision and we are incredibly grateful to be able to share their work. Just like the sale of an artwork through Testudo, 90% of the net proceeds from these postcards will go to our artists.

Featuring paintings, sculptures, and installations, each postcard is unique and ready-to-mail. The set makes a perfect gift for any art lover in your life.

About Testudo

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We’re a platform built to celebrate artists and to create the next great community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. We partner with a curated selection of the best emerging artists working today to share their work.

We’re on a mission to establish a more equitable and accessible art market for all.
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